ODDY-C is a Belgian association active in the field of international solidarity. Created in 2011 ODDY-C collaborates with its local partners to carry out development projects in a participatory and sustainable dynamic. Its projects are geared towards the emancipation of individuals and communities. For this purpose the association directs its actions towards the improvement of the living conditions and teachings of the local populations.

ODDY-C builds its philosophy of action on the following values:

Local and international solidarity, to build together a more just and balanced world.

  • Mutual Aid, directly linked to the value of solidarity, its foundation is based on exchange and mutual learning.
  • Interculturality, because we all come from different horizons, rich in our legacies, these differences allow us to evolve together on the path of development.
  • Respect, every individual has the right to live in conditions that allow him to flourish and emancipate himself. Respect is experienced at all levels, within work and all individual relationships, but also in the way we look at cultures different from ours.
  • Sustainability, development makes sense only if it is part of a sustainability, a future. The participatory approach, the appropriation of the beneficiaries, the socio-economic integration and the respect of the environment, guarantee the durability over time of the projects carried by the association.