In the first phase of the project, the primary school received first funding thanks to which it has just been connected to the drinking water network. A 5 m³ tank was built. This first component is accompanied by training in the proper use of water, hygiene and sanitation for students.

Thanks to the support of students at the ISND School, the money raised during the sponsored walk was used primarily to create a school garden, and to organize nutrition classes for teachers and students. In order to accommodate all the students in sustainable premises and ensure the implementation of courses throughout the year, the profits collected were also used to support the construction of a school block of three classes in durable materials.


Burundi – Bubanza Province – Musigati Commune – Kivyuka Hill (Rural Area).

Areas of intervention

Education, food security, nutrition, infrastructure.


EUR 17,000 (ISND, BIBI Foundation and own funds)

Local partner of the action

The Provincial Directorate of Education of Musigati,
The Commune of Musigati,
The Management Committee of the Musigati Primary School,

Duration of implementation

From 01/06/2014 to 01/01/2015

Beneficiary of the project

About 400 students from the Musigati School.

Teaching staff

The provincial directorate of education and the municipality of Musigati, which see their loads lightened by the realization of this project.

Results achieved

- Food security within the school is improved

  • Implementation of a school garden
  • Adapted training in nutrition for students and teachers.

 - School infrastructures in the municipality of Musigati are improved

  • Building a block of three classes
  • Supply of 75 benches and shelves for the administration of the school
  • Supply of textbooks, dictionaries, school books.