• An effective development is done by the local communities.
  • The word ‘Development’ is only meaningful if it is used in a sustainable way.
  • That development induces the empowerment of the communities, through learning and appropriation of adapted tools, and through a strong civil society.
  • Local projects must be thought of in a global approach, integrating all the direct and indirect beneficiaries of the projects.
  • Once appropriated, these projects can work as engine for future developments.
  • To achieve this, each project needs to go along with trainings and awareness campaigns that will strengthen sustainable and emancipating behaviors.
  • These local integrated projects are the key for an equilibrated development.
ODDY-C wishes to sustain local communities on their way to development and to promote a more fair and united world.


  • To enhance the educational conditions of Southern disadvantaged populations, by supporting primarily existing schools, through projects carried out by local communities.
  • To develop specific social and professional activities in order to allow for the sustainable emancipation of the beneficiary populations, and to strengthen the power and the autonomy of these communities.
  • To improve the living conditions of the direct and indirect beneficiary communities, and their access to basic services.

Our team

ODDY-C can also count on volunteers who support activities as needed. Do not hesitate to consult our page “volunteer expert” and contact us if you want to get involved.