In order to ensure its sustainability, the project to support local communities in terms of access to water was developed and implemented in partnership with a local Jesuit organization: Jesuit Social Service located in Timor from then very numerous years. Thanks to the co-financing of three donors, including the Belgian company Aliaxis SA, the project was able to see the light of day and impact a total of over 2,500 beneficiaries in 10 villages. As part of the project, two main parallel activities were carried out: the drilling of 10 wells and the installation of 10 electric pumps and water reservoirs, as well as the training of communities in the proper management of water and their organization into management bodies. The ODDYC team was able to visit the site during the implementation of the project, in March 2016 to be aware of the successful completion of the activities. On this occasion, our volunteer administrator had the opportunity to interact with the communities supported, to test the hydraulic structures completed and to participate in their inauguration.

Overall budget of the Aliaxis contribution project 35,000 Euros (total project budget: 170,000 Euros)

Outputs achieved

Construction of boreholes and installation of electric pumps

- 10 boreholes made

- 10 electric pumps installed

Establishment of water management committees to sensitize communities to the proper use of water, to raise initiatives to protect achievements.

- 2 water management committees were set up

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