The action of ODDY-C allows to feed the populations of the municipality of Isare via the rehabilitation of water supply of Isare-Muberure-Tenga and more specifically the school complex Nyarumpongo – Muberure.


Commune of Isare, Province of Bujumbura, Burundi (rural area).

Areas of intervention

Education, water, hygiene and sanitation.


EUR 6,000 (EUR 5,000 Aliaxis financing and EUR 1,000 own funds)

Local partner of the action


Duration of implementation

From 15/04/2018 to 15/10/2018

Beneficiaries of the project

Approximately 3000 people will benefit directly from the support (students, teachers, committees set up)

Rural populations in the municipality of Isare who were not served by a system of access to drinking water within 500 m and with a flow rate of min 0.1 l / s.

Output achieved

- Access to drinking water in Nyarumpongo-Muberere is improved

  • Rehabilitation of catchments to reinforce the flow.
  • Rehabilitation of the network: rehabilitation of the departure chamber and main pipe over 500m, and construction of 3 standpipes
  • Rehabilitation of a 10m³ storage tank for the 3 primary schools

- The hygiene and sanitation conditions in Nyarumpongo-Muberere and surroundings are improved

  • School campaigns to raise awareness about hygiene and sanitation: hygiene and sanitation awareness actions took place at the school (games, contests, skits, …) with the students who were able to pass on messages received in their homes.

This component is very important if we want to ensure the sustainability of the infrastructures built and their appropriation by users. He has involved the community health worker, carrying messages related to health and hygiene in his community and the communal water authority that manages the network.