According to ODDY-C, improving teaching conditions and supporting the emergence of professional skills is the key to sustainable development.

In this framework, the action of ODDY-C aims at strengthening access to essential services that include basic social services (quality education, drinking water, basic sanitation, food security, etc.).
The Southern ODDY-C actions are part of local sectoral policies and thus promote the integrated local development approach (participatory planning, consultation), the reinforcement of skills and the support to the municipalities’ project management.

Our activities are mainly concentrated in Burundi, where we realized our first projects and where the operational follow-up can be done in a close way. The association will be able to extend its activities to other geographical areas.

Countries of interventions will be taken into account if and only if:

  • The institutional context is favorable.
  • The local partner has a strong identity and expresses a demand in line with the strategic priorities followed by the programs.
  • The Board of Directors agrees to the opening of the new country.