The action of ODDY-C makes it possible to feed the populations of the area of ​​Gamba via the extension of the water supply of Muyebe-Gamba on 2,7km and more specifically the primary school of Gamba.


Burundi – Bubanza Province – Musigati Commune – Gamba Hill (Rural Area).

Areas of intervention

Education, water, hygiene and sanitation.


EUR 20,790

Local partner of the action


Duration of implementation

From 15/02/2015 to 15/09/2015

Beneficiary of the project

  •  About 800 households benefiting from infrastructures set up or rehabilitated
  • 1 primary school (200 students)
  • Students benefiting from hygiene and sanitation school awareness campaigns and their families
  • The water management committees formed (5 members per committee, 3 women and 2 men) (4 water committees set up)
  • The Municipal Water Board of Musigati (5 members)
  • The rural populations of the commune of Musigati who were not served by a system of access to drinking water within 500 m and with a flow rate of min 0.1 l / s.

Outputs Achieved

 - Access to drinking water in the municipality of Musigati is improved

The commune of Musigati has a theoretical coverage rate of 66% in drinking water.

Extension of the 2.7 km Muyebe-Gamba water supply which serve approximately 800 households (including 1 primary school)

- Hygiene and sanitation conditions in the municipality of Musigati are improved

Implementation of school awareness campaigns on the proper management of water, hygiene and sanitation at the primary school beneficiary of the project.

- The water management capacities of users and local stakeholders are improved through the establishment of management committees.

Implementation and capacity building of 6 water management committees trained in hygiene and sanitation.

Capacity building of the Municipal Water Board with training in organizational and financial management.