ODDY-C gets involved in the North

Education for development is an essential component of international cooperation. It is important to inform, to interest, to make international issues understood by so-called “northern” citizens, to enable them to support and understand the importance of cooperation projects.

For ODDY-C, working to reduce inequalities around the world and improve the lives of the poorest people also means providing information, awareness and public awareness in the North.

The North must both become aware of the impact of its activities on the South and have the necessary tools (advice, training, support) that enable it to engage in development cooperation actions or at least, according to the principles of sustainable development.

Education for development is one of these essential tools. ODDY-C is part of a desire to bring actors closer together and to stimulate their creative commitment to development cooperation and international solidarity.

Possible actions with ODDY-C

- To carry out awareness-raising activities in schools, based on the actions of ODDY-C (oriented in relation to their mode of consumption, lifestyle in general) and if the field is conducive to accompany the establishment of twinning type partnership with South schools.

- To organize events that aim to raise citizens’ awareness.

- To organize solidarity trips