Burundi – Cibitoke Province – Rugombo Commune – Kiramira Hill (Rural Area).

Areas of intervention

Education, water, hygiene and sanitation.


10.000 EUR

Local partner of the action


Duration of implementation

From 15/01/2013 to 15/07/2013

Beneficiaries of the project

School of Kiramira: The school has 2 school blocks built by parents of students. She receives no help from the government. The classes are divided into 2 teaching groups, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. 524 students attend school and there are very few dropouts at the moment.

The children eat at home and bring water from the surrounding developed sources for the maintenance of the school.

Buseruko School: The school of about 500 pupils has 2 school blocks also built by parents of pupils. It is located at the top of a hill and is often hit by high winds. As for Kiramira the classes are divided into 2 educational groups.

Kiramira Health Center: During the year 2012, the center welcomed 65,590 patients, most of whom suffer from diarrheal diseases and malaria.

Results achieved

Access to drinking water in the commune of Rugombo is improved
-> Connection to the Kiramira water network, installation of piping and construction of a 5m³ storage tank in the 3 beneficiary establishments
Hygiene and sanitation conditions in Rugombo commune are improved
-> Awareness campaign on hygiene and sanitation in the 3 beneficiary institutions
Water management capacities of users and local stakeholders are improved through the establishment of management committees
-> Establishment and training of a water management committee in the 3 establishments.