The action of ODDY-C makes it possible to strengthen the support already provided in 2018 during Phase I. It aims to ensure the sustainability of the water supply to the populations of the municipality of Isare through the rehabilitation of the Isare-Muberure-Tenga water supply and more specifically the Nyarumpongo – Muberure school complex.


Municipality of Isare, Province of Bujumbura, Burundi (rural area).

Areas of intervention

Education, water, hygiene and sanitation.


6,220 EUR (5,000 EUR Aliaxis financing and 1,220 EUR ODDY-C)

Local Partner



From 02/03/20 to 07/15/2020

Project Beneficiary

About 3000 people will benefit directly from the support (students, teachers, committees set up) Rural populations of the municipality of Isare who were not served by a system of access to drinking water within 500 m and with a flow rate of min 0.1 l / s.

Results achieved

– Access to drinking water in Nyarumpongo-Muberere is improved

  • Construction of new catchments to increase flow
  • Upstream network rehabilitation
  • Securing of water points set up during phase I

- Hygiene and sanitation conditions in Nyarumpongo-Muberere and surroundings are improved

  • Support for “HAMS” clubs
  • Emptying the latrines of the 3 schools

- The water management capacities of users and local stakeholders are improved

  • Supply of a tool kit to the municipal water authority for maintenance