The association ” maison BIBI ” is a Burundian association. The action of the association takes the form of a residential reception center with the ambition of guiding children in a street situation, in a new life path. By street children we mean the following: minors whose families cannot provide for their primary needs, living on the streets, dropping out of school, etc.

It allows a transition between the street situation and the social and family reintegration of the beneficiary children. This implies offering them an environment and activities that guarantee their various fundamental rights, i.e. ensuring their primary needs, but also offering a framework and supervision that allows for personal development that respects their rights, needs and dignity. The BIBI House intends to implement a series of activities in the coming years for the benefit of the children and their families:

- Providing decent housing within the BIBI house

- Guarantee the primary needs in food, hygiene and health

- Support and finance the schooling of children in order to reintegrate them into the educational system

- Maintain and strengthen family ties with a view to family reintegration

- Organize educational and socio-cultural activities for the personal development of the beneficiaries

- Offer support and psychological follow-up to the beneficiary children with a view to their social reintegration

- Establish partnerships with early childhood actors.

Since September 2021, ODDY-C has been supporting the BIBI house in a number of activities:

Activities for children and school support:

Learning is done as much through homework help as through play.


- personal development and learning

- develop French vocabulary

- to reinforce school education


- Coloring, painting

- DIY-recycling (musical instruments, collage, …)

- Various games : Colin Maillard, round, …

- Workshops songs, tales, reading

- Sports activities: yoga, ball games, psychomotricity,…

- Didactic French lessons : memory, who is who,…

Living space


The reintegration and the good health of the residents depends on a good hygiene of oneself and of the environment.

To make the living place healthy and to teach the children to become responsible and autonomous in their new living place.


- Organization of household tasks: cleaning, cooking, washing up, …

- Personal hygiene classes

- Workshops of homemade products

- Setting up a rainwater tank

- Arrangement of the dining area (tables, chairs)

Educational environment :


Learning can take place anywhere and in any form, so why not start with the environment where we live? The idea is to make the living space pleasant but also educational.


- Painting of walls and floors

Examples: tree of the children’s hands, hopscotch on the floor, educational murals (alphabet, numbers, calendar, …)

Vegetable garden and henhouse


The creation of a vegetable garden and a chicken coop has several objectives

- Learning and discovery

- Self-sufficiency” of the BIBI house by offering a varied and balanced food


- Nutrition courses

- Cooking workshops

- Construction of a chicken coop

- Planting

- Composting

Training of the BIBI team (children’s supervisors)

The supervisors are involved in each of the activities in order to train them and to ensure the sustainability of each of them.


A start-up budget of 1,000 EUR from ODDY-C’s own funds is foreseen to carry out the activities described. Other activities can be financed as and when they are needed, based on donations received, and will also allow us to increase the capacity of the children. By mentioning “BIBI house sponsorship” in the donation made to ODDY-C, the amount paid is directly allocated to the specific care of a child (food, school fees, clothing, medical care, …).